Tuesday, March 3, 2015

I've been in Heaven for a MONTH!

Hey everyone, 

Hope all is going well! So this past week has been quite a ride.  I've been sick this week, but I'm getting better! Haven't had to miss any class, so that's a plus!  It's been a month tomorrow since I arrived and It's wonderful here!  Everyone is so awesome, and we've made lots of friends!  

So last Monday we did service again by cleaning the Water Jug, filling, things... Still don't know what to call them!  We have started teaching two people during the week which got stressful, but now we are back down to one investigator for each companionship this week. 

Tuesday, as I said last week, we went to the Mexico City Temple and visitor center.  I forgot to take pictures of my book covers, but I'll send those next week!  We also played volleyball, and did a LOT of laundry. On Sunday I had spilled gravy all over myself.... it was quite an adventure! 

Wednesday was the day that it was only the Hermanas in class all day. Our District Leader, Elder Johnson, of our trio companionship of elders, got sick with the 24 hour flu.  He's doing much better!  I also got a bit more sick, but I started taking medicine which helped a bit. 

Thursday, I went to the Infermeria for my stomach problems and was given medication, that's helping too. 
Friday and Saturday I was still pretty sick to my stomach, so I asked my morning Hermano teacher to give me a blessing, and my Hermana teacher to translate as much as she could.  Hermano V can't speak much English, but he spoke the blessing in Spanish for me.  Then Hermana A. translated it all for me on paper for me to keep, I'm so happy I did!  I've been looking back at it when I need a boost of energy. 

Sunday was Fast and Testimony Meeting, which we started fasting Saturday night from dinner, then Sunday morning breakfast.  We have Sacrament Meeting right before lunch, so it worked out perfectly!  Sundays here are the BEST!  They are so spiritual and wonderful.  We were able to watch The Testaments video Sunday night and oh man, was it amazing!  It's probably one of my favorite church videos of all time. We later had a District overview, and talked about the video together.  I encourage you all to watch it sometime soon if possible!  

Miss you all lots, thanks for emailing me every week!  I really enjoy reading what everyone has been up to! Thank you for praying for me, I feel the comfort of all your prayers. 

Perseverar hasta el fin!

Hermana Marble

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