Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Aannd I´m almost there!

Hello, Hello everyone! 

Hope Utah is still getting good moisture!  We received quite a bit of moisture last night... I'm pretty sure it rained at least 2-3 inches yesterday evening. We had just finished with teaching our classmates 'new pretend investigators' about the Restoration. It's been fun to just teach each other and act as investigators. We taught a lot of good lessons last week and had TRC again (teaching random citizens) who are basically church member volunteers for us as we learn to teach. That went REALLY well. Hermana Harston and I are really progressing together. It will be hard when it comes time to separate in Kennewick when we are given our areas. 

This past week went as normal, nothing too exciting. But for those who are wondering and asking how my health has been, it's been better. I'm coming to find out I am lactose intolerant. Of all places and times, now in the CCM! It's pretty hard. But I am starting to feel much better after revising what I allow myself to eat. Things have gotten so much better. I'm definitely feelings your prayers and love. 

So we have two morning teachers that teach us together, and we really enjoy their company and their help. Hermana A. returned from her mission in Utah about 2 years ago, and she loved it!  She is returning to Utah for a month to visit her mission and to visit friends. She leaves this Wednesday and unfortunately we said goodbye to her yesterday since she leaves this week and we won't see each other again. She's my absolute favorite and I´m really going to miss her. It also rained like crazy yesterday evening... FINALLY!  I've missed the rain so much! Mom, i finally got to use my umbrella!

Our zone has been singing a lot together lately before we retire to our casas. I taught the whole zone the song 'Come thou Fount'.  Now no one can stop singing it. It has truly helped me get through this week when I felt down on myself. Since I don't have much to say about my week, I´ll give my testimony. 

Come thou Fount of every blessing
Tune my heart to sing thy grace.
Streams of mercy, never ceasing.
Call for songs of loudest praise.
Teach me some melodious sonnet. 
Sung by flamming tongues above.
Praise the mount, I'm fixed upon it.
Mount of thy redeeming love.

2 more beautiful verses for you to find for your selves ;)

Yo se que La iglesia de JesuCristo is verdad, y muy amoroso. Dios mando su Hijo para nuestras vidas. JesuCristo expiado para nuestra pecados porque El Amor para nosotros es muy grande. Yo se que Dios tiene un plan para todo personas en la tierra. Yo Amo Todo Usted!

I love you all! Heavenly Father is so mindful of all of us, I know that to be true. Love you all, be safe!

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