Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Una Semana Mas!

Just a cheesy picture on of my District's hermanas took of me earlier after breakfast. thought you guys might like it. 

Hola everyone! 

This week has been much better. We've had many opportunities to be of service to the Kitchen and Cleaning staff. It's very humbling being able to work side by side with the wonderful humble people who do so much for us! 

Recently I asked one of the cooks if they make many meals without milk, and he said it rarely happened... Pero.. (all talking in Spanish and pero means but) he said he would like to make some CREPES for me sometime this week since I leave for Kennewick next Tuesday. I thanked him over and over again and he gladly smiled and laughed with me. 

This is the hail we received last Tuesday night.
So... ya'll know how I was complaining for some moisture, right?  Well... last Tuesday, it hailed here in Mexico City.  It was insane. On Tuesday evenings we have a great devotional with our MTC presidency which is always a burden lifter for me. Not that I carry burdens, but that it completely uplifts me when I need it most, along behind Sundays which I have mentioned that are the BEST day of the week, besides P day, which is also our weekly devotional night. This particular night we had our raincoats on, knowing from the weather that Hermana James in our room predicted. (she wants to be a meteorologist and can predict rain)  She suspected it would rain this night... but no, It HAILED!  It was pretty hilarious.  During our nightly discussion after our Tuesday night devotional, the hail was coming down so hard it knocked the power out right in the middle of our Zone testimony meeting! The power was only out for about less that 2 minutes and then came back on.  It was so interesting to see that in our devotional.  We watched a video about Elder Holland and one of his 'get right in your face so you can feel his breath' missionary talks.  He talked about our need to SPEAK UP among all the contradicting churches and falsehoods told about our church.  I bore my testimony, and immediately when I began to talk, the hail stopped.  I mentioned in my testimony, that just as the hail was beating down on our buildings, those noises can be like those contradicting voices.  We MUST speak up!  That talk really got me throughout the rest of the week.  We are told many times during our classes where we only speak Spanish, to try the phrase first in the language we will be teaching and we will be surprised on how well our brains can work so fast to translate and say what our hearts want to say.  That really impressed me!   It helped me a lot with our lessons this week, which were mainly about the Commandments and the Word of Wisdom. This was quite an opportunity for me to feel the spirit work through my words and my mouth. 

Watch out, Washington! (caption by Linda)

This week we also had many friends leave for their missions to Chicago, Redlands, CA, and Provo, Utah.  It gave me a great opportunity to be with them for these past 5 weeks, and have them help us around campus. They have been here a week longer than our district, and basically were our family.  I seriously have made some life long friends here at the CCM.  Its been quite amazing!  I look forward to seeing many of these friends after our missions, especially the sisters I've become close with.  I have one more chance to email next week on Monday evening before I fly to Kennewick Tuesday early morning. 

I am excited and also nervous to see how this week goes, but I have great faith that i will strengthen me thoroughly as I push full force in to my last week of lessons with investigators and language classes. 

I love you all!  Be safe, enjoy the sun my Utah friends! 

Hip Hermanas!  (caption by Linda)

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