Monday, July 6, 2015

Only UP from 104... WILL WILL WILL

President and Sister Ware
Hey everyone!  What a WEEK!

Como... Wow. It just flew by! And by the title... It's been 104 degrees... all week. This week should cool off though. So, from the beginning!

Last week as I mentioned it was my privilege to say goodbye to President Ware.  I couldn't have been a more happy missionary to serve beside him and to be able to connect with him so well.  It was a hard goodbye, but he made me promise I would visit him after my mission.. of course! 

But this past week was insane.  Nothing was happening, and what more could happen than a companionship not getting along... and I'm not gonna lie, it killed me to see that we work so well together, and we couldn't even get along.  We have been neck to neck for the past week, and we finally decided to turn in early with permission from our DL so we both returned to the house to take a break.  I can say that I have never prayed so hard to feel the spirit. I finished as soon as she finished and came out of the next room.  I've never felt the spirit so strongly with a companion.  We sat and talked about what we both could do better, and we decided to ask our DL for some blessings.  We drove to the most west church building to meet them, and we both received some absolutely amazing blessings.  I can truly say that I've never felt more united as a companionship after receiving direct counsel from the Lord.  She and are back in business!
We've also had the privilege to meet President and Sister Lewis.  They both served missions in Switzerland and in Africa.  We heard some amazing mission stories from them both.  They promised that if we promise ourselves and continue to work hard, we will start to see the buds of the fruits of our labors.

Then later during the week, I received a SWEET 4th of July package from my Sister-in-law, Aimee.  Thank you Aimee!  We partied it up on the 4th after returning home at 6 pm as directed on holidays.   We had sweet plans to hang out, do whatever, and then we both clunked out before 10:30... yeah, it was insane. 

Orchards for... Days.. and days. and days...
We had a lesson with Wendy this week!  We brought a member who has a little brother with the exact same problems as her with medical and down syndrome affects.  She got so excited and begged for Kelly to come back with us, and we promised we would!  We had plans to put her on date this week, but we didn't quite get to it.  She kept becoming fascinated with how we all had the same pamphlet in our hands, and every single same page. it was the cutest thing ever!  She also tends to get distracted during our lessons, but she WILL progress. She WILL get baptized. 

We attended Church yesterday receiving no confirmation of any one attending.  No less actives, no Wendy.  Well, Wendy's family are all mostly less active, and they ALL SHOWED UP!  But not Wendy, she was sick.  But Jessica, her older sister asked Sister Alcocer if she could translate her testimony for her.  She gladly went up and translated her testimony with a full heart and some tears. 

We've also found 5 new investigators this week!  Two solid couples who are golden, and one older woman named Marisella.  We have return appointments this week and are so excited to get started with our new pool!
We are extremely excited and ready for a new week.  We've also moved in with some different members this week during the Shurtz's daughter's wedding and we will be staying at the Lacy's for two months.  You may still send mail to my Lyle address, but please see my new mission address in Yakima, listed below this post.

Love you all!  The Atonement is real, Christ in the reason for the season! 

Quail egg
Elders and Sisters,

Please inform all your friends and family of our mission address so it doesn’t have to be forwarded from Kennewick.

The label should read as follows:

Your Name
Washington Yakima Mission
1006 S. 16th Ave.
Yakima, WA 98902-4260

Keep up the good work!!!

Elder Steve Call
Referral Manager

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