Monday, July 20, 2015

"Fiddler on the Roof" Miracles, Miracles!

Top of the Mornin' to you all!

We've found some awesome new people this week, miracles are happening in East Wenatchee! :)
Just about every day this week we've had 3 set appointments! The first three appointments on Tuesday were ALL invited to be baptized and they all said yes once they confirm their decision with their families!  Marisella and Sabino, Woo hoo!  That same day I gave my very first District Meeting training on Giving Out of Love.  I was truly able to express what I saw in each of my missionaries (The missionaries in my District).  We are all in the zone of remembering our purpose every day and with every person we talk to.  I talked about the "Current Bush" talk by Hugh B. Brown.  It's one of my favorite talks and it helped in my training so much!

On Wednesday we had ANOTHER 3 lessons.  They were ALL invited for baptism!  Conchita again for confirmation that she wanted to be baptized (still no date) and Evonne and Victor.  Evonne has been taught by the missionaries before, but she was in a serious relationship which kept her and him from being baptized.  They also broke up along with all the drama.  He's moved out (which helps with her baptism) and she also expressed how ready she is to be baptized, ready for the lessons! :)  She speaks more English than Spanish so we are planning a hand off lesson for her and we will DEFINITELY be at her baptism :) 

Con Amor, Hermana Marble

Thursday went pretty slow, but we had dinner with the Merrill family, who's son just left for his mission in Brazil, and Brother and Sister Merrill are headed to the Provo MTC in two weeks to become service missionaries in Peru!  They had us over for dinner while their daughters' kids were playing.  Their grandson, LeRoy tried leaving with us to go teach people.  "Mommy, I have to go help the missionaries! I have to help Jesus!"  I just about died, cutest 4 year old ever!  We had a lesson planned with Wendy, which didn't go as planned... She was super distracted and nothing was clicking for her, so we decided we would come back another day.
Friday we planned all day and then went on exchanges with Hermana Capi and Sister Larsen. They are the SWEETEST Sister Training Leaders we've ever both had!  Super fun exchanges helping them with their on dates investigators and contacting their referrals all day. 

Yesterday Wendy didn't come to church, and this time none of her family came.  It was super sad and we were so looking forward to it, but we have plans to go by Tuesday with a member.  We drove up to Orondo for a return appointment, but it fell through, so we stopped by Angelita and Elizabeth.  Remember them from a few weeks ago?  Well, they are going through a divorce right now and they are looking for some divine comfort and help.  We invited them both to be baptized and they both said yes!  They didn't have a specific date set, but we will be putting them on date this week!  Then we had a sweet member dinner with the Olson family, Cutest family ever! They are so much fun!  We grabbed some dessert from them after a fallen through appointment.  Later that night we found our Less Active/Recent Covert Salvador at the church while we were waiting for a member to come with us to a lesson. He told us a wild story about something that was happening in his apartment building and asked for our help...  We didn't end up helping him, but we sent some other help for him.  We were both pretty nervous for him, but we do know he's been having some mental health issues.  If you could, please Keep Salvador in your prayers. 

We are planning on fasting for him this week. There's so much that's happening and we are so excited for these stake changes to happen soon!   

Love you all, have a wonderful week!

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