Monday, July 13, 2015

Wendy's on date!!

Last Pday trip to Chelan for a Zone pday of Scatterball!

Hi everyone!

This week has been a little crazy!  Earlier this week we talked to a lady who started crying at the doorstep because she hates God for taking away her mother.  She let off her struggles to us and then later let out all of her stress on us with why she can't believe that someone would murder her mother and God wouldn't punish him... she slammed the door, but it's okay.  We prayed for her that night!  

Then we met Ricardo, who we talked to about scriptures and he started quoting off like 10 scriptures from the Bible by memorization!  I think I know what I'll be doing this week for studies... 

Tuesday we did some solid knocking and we have found at least 6 referrals we've given to the English sisters! They've given us two this week and we are contacting them tonight!

Wednesday, everything went downhill.  Hermana Alcocer and I became sick with some kind of stomach bug, and she continued to be sick all week.  We received permission from Sister Lewis, our mission president's wife to stay home and rest.  While she was continuing to be sick, I did some more phone OYM's to past investigators and potentials in our area book, which we had at least 12 pages of... we started on them about two weeks ago and only got through maybe 6 or 7 pages, but this day I finished all of the lists.  It was a miracle, and we received 3 return appointments with people and moved a lot of people to the future/potential list. 

Thursday was a mess, but we were able to continue making return appointments with our fall-throughs.  This week we've been having members drop off food to us, which has been easier for them and easier for us, since we've been a bit sick.  We were staying home for dinner and only I ate, while Hermana Alcocer was in bed.  She woke up and she said she had a dream that Wendy was waiting for us.  We followed the spirit and went and visited her.  She was home!  We taught her the Plan of Salvation, which made so much more sense to her this time.  We were so happy she understood more!  She has started to understand more and more of what we are teaching her.  And by the title, you can see we have her on date for August 1st!  But we also received news from her mother that she will be undergoing an extreme surgery on August 4th.  We are praying for her every day, and we have faith she will be better after her surgery. 

Enjoying the sun and the rain!
Friday we had interviews with President and Sister Lewis.  Holy Canoli, do I love them!  They are such a sweet couple and we have loved having them in our mission so far!  We had to cancel an appointment with a potential because of a HUGE accident on the highway outside of her house. 

Then on Saturday we had Zone Training Meeting, which was focused on Our Purpose!  We got some sweet trainings from our District Leaders and our Zone Leaders.  It was a blast!  Then after we left, we grabbed some lunch and headed to Wendy's.  Unfortunately she wasn't home, but we were able to talk with her Mom about coming to church.  She and her family are afraid of attending the English ward, but once we explained more about our Spanish group we are starting, she got really excited and offered her help to get people to come to church.  She kept expressing her love for Wendy, and for us to be helping her.  We are so extremely happy to help their family come back to church.  Wendy's two older less active sisters attended this week, and we also said farewell to our 3rd counselor in the bishopric of the Spanish ward, and he's been set to be the Spanish Ward's Bishop across the river at a different chapel!  There's a lot more exciting news for our area, which I will only be able to announce in about 2 weeks.  Our stake presidency has super exciting plans for our area we can't wait to tell everyone!

I hope you all are safe and well, Love you all!

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