Monday, July 27, 2015

Ta-ta... Tap-a-What?

Hey everyone! 

We got transfer calls this past Saturday and I'm getting transferred!  So anyone who still has my physical East Wenatchee address, please send to my mission home address from now on. I'm headed to Toppenish... I hope that's how you spell it.  My new companion is Hermana Taua, a Hermana I served with in the Wenatchee zone, but she served in Chelan.  She's only been there for 1 transfer, and
Farewell from East Wenatchee 
was doubled into an area with a new companion who hadn't been there before.  We are basically trading companions.  Hermana Alcocer will be receiving Hermana Dee, Hermana Taua's companion right now.  Drum Roll please...... Hermana Alcocer will be staying here, receiving Hermana Dee, and will become a Sister Training Leader!  I can say for her she has been waiting for this day to come... ;)  Just kidding, she's nervous, but I know she'll do great!

This week has yet been another roller coaster.  Wendy, our investigator with down-syndrome will not be getting baptized.  Heavenly Father testified to both of us that she is not ready, but she WILL be ready in the future.  We pray that Heavenly Father will prepare her for the future missionaries :)

Conchita told us she is moving, and will be going back to her home in Mexico for a time to take care of her elderly parents. She is very ready, but we will be passing her to the elders in her area once she moves back to the states again :)

This week has been a crazy week of knocking like crazy.  We've lost 2 investigators this week so we are determined to find!  We had a super sweet lesson with Sabino about trails and hardships.  We both shared experiences with him about how the gospel has blessed us in our times of need, and while I was baring my testimony, I asked Hermana Alcocer for a few Spanish words while I felt lost, but with the spirit in trying to say everything in Spanish.  As she was helping me, he chimed in and commented and said, "That is why you two sisters are together, you complete each other."  That got to me hard, it made me so thankful she and  have been together this transfer. She's truly helped me so much!

Later that same day we had a lesson with Allejandro. He LOVES the idea of a modern prophet and of priesthood. We've loved visiting him, and have a return appointment this week before I get transfered.  

Saturday was pretty special because of transfer calls, but also because Hermana Alcocer and I were asked to join in on a musical number for a baptism that some elders were having at our stake center. All four of us sang "I know my redeemer lives" in Spanish, and let me just say, I've NEVER felt the spirit burn so strong within me.  I was asked to give a short solo and lead the music.  Let's just say I lost the knowledge of how to lead, and how many verses we were going to sing... because every verse I was about to walk down, so it looked like I was doing a lunge between verses.  The Spanish members didn't even mind :)

Me and my favorite street on exchanges in Wenatchee this past week
That's the gist of my last full week in East Wenatchee... I'm going to miss it so much! I've loved serving with our bishopric, with the Spanish speaking members, and most of all, the wonderful people I had the opportunity I had to teach.  I love everyone here, and I wont ever forget all the amazing members and investigators we had up here. I will greatly miss it!

Have a wonderful week everyone! 

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