Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Week 5 in Este Wenatchee

Big hunking strawberries of East Wenatchee
Hey, hey everyone!

Officially hit my one month mark here in Este Wenatchee. It feels like I've been here for an eternity though. Pretty strange... 

So this week were focusing on our less actives and investigators on this side of the river. Well, that changed!  We have been given a new ward boundary to cover, which meets in a building about 25 minutes away, and our less active and investigator area has also been cut down.  So we are still covering a large area, but if we continue to teach people in the northern part of our area, we are asked to start attending their ward in their building in Cashmere - 25 minutes away.  Luckily we haven't had to do that just yet.  But we may have to in the next couple weeks. 

We received not one, but 2 media referrals this week.  Our first one we visited was actually a young mom, who we had already knocked on her door earlier in the week.  We left her with a Spanish B.O.M., but she speaks English and Spanish very well.  So we got a media referral for the same girl the next day, but she requested for an English B.O.M.  We returned, not knowing if it was actually her, but it was!  It was really funny now that we look back on it.  As for our other media referral, I'm sad to say it was a fake...  The address doesn't exist and the phone number isn't for him.  Kind of sad, but we've also seen some great miracles this week.  

That same day we headed over to the Senior Citizens home and played games with them for service. We serve at the home twice a week, and lately we have been helping out at a museum with projects for the summer camps they hold for kids.  It's been so much fun. We even served on Saturday morning at a less active's home who had a ton of yard work to do.  Lots of humbling serving opportunities this week.  Here are the families we are teaching!
Jose Juan and Allejandra have a super cute family.  They both work full time so we rarely get lessons with them in the evening.  Jose Juan has been struggling with his remission of Leukemia.  We were able to have a lesson with them on Thursday night as a back up plan for when we had a church tour planned with Kristina and Ellie, that fell through.  Luckily, we had a member with us, number 2 boo'yeah!  Mirna, and her daughter Krissa, are from El Salvador and moved here to East Wenatchee about 2 years ago.  She has a great background with how she ended up here, but I won't go into it. 

Our plan was to go back to Jose Juan and Allejandra's if our church tour fell through, and when it did we immediately headed to their house with Mirna and Krissa.  We watch the Restoration video with them and then talked about it afterwards.  Jose Juan has an outstanding testimony of faith!  He told us about his hard experiences with cancer and how thankful he is to still be here.  It was definitely a testimony booster to have that lesson with them.  They fell through with their commitment to come to church, but we are planning on visiting them later this week. 

Beautiful sunsets every night.  Feelin' lucky!
We have been teaching Kristina lately with her daughter Ellie who is 12.  We had a lesson with them this past week about attending church and the baptismal covenant, and Kristina got really interested and excited.  Meanwhile, our member who went with us, Shaela, was getting her nails painted by the 5 year old.  We have them on date for May 16th, and recently taught them about the Sabbath day since we are trying to get them to attend church.  We knocked their door on Sunday morning and Ellie answered the door.  "Are you guys going to come to church today!?"  "Yeah, my mom is getting ready right now!"  Boo'yeah!  We got super happy a long with another family that said they would do all they could to come.   Unfortunately we didn't see them or Jose Juan's family at church.  We were a bit sad until we visited Kristina later that night...  And... they attended church!  They sat out in the foyer for the last 20 minutes of sacrament meeting and then they returned home because they had just returned the previous night from the kids' soccer games and a family reunion in Seattle.
This week I am studying more about the atonement during my personal study and I've been getting really far on my reading in the B.O.M.  If I can read 7 chapters a day for the next week I will make it through Alma... hopefully. 

So that sums up my week!  I absolutely love the ward I serve in and we've been getting fed a bunch lately.  I love this ward and the area.  I thank Heavenly Father every day for this area and for the amazing ward we work with. 

Love you all, have a safe week!

Con Amor,
Hermana Sarah Marble

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