Monday, April 6, 2015

Hectic Week and Hectic Head cold!

Hi everyone!

My first full week here in East Wenatchee has been beautiful!  We found a part member family we are now teaching, and they are the cutest family you would ever see!  The mother is a member, but stopped coming after they moved here about 2 years ago.  She was baptized down in the Tri-Cities area and then moved up here.  She and her husband, Ivan have 5 kids, and she is pregnant again.  She's one trooper!  We have also been close to a baptism this week with James, and he attended Conference with us Sunday morning along with Ivan's kids and his wife who is pregnant, and they brought her two oldest sons.  It was too bad that she was nauseous during the whole session, but she took notes and took them home with her.  James also absolutely loved conference, so that was awesome!

I have had some ear aches this week because of the elevation here.  I also acquired a super bad head cold, and woke up yesterday morning with an incredibly strong migraine, but hey.... that won't stop me!  We had a big day yesterday with our investigators coming with us, and also a lot to do with dinner and knocking doors.  We had a wonderful home cooked meal by some amazing members, who live on our side of the river.  They also sent us home with a lot of food! That's the biggest help because all we needed to buy today at the store was some stationary to write thank you cards and cough drops for both Hermana Wortley and I. 

Some goodies we got between sessions of Saturday Conference

It's still bright and sunny here, and we love it!  It's actually raining right now as I write this weekly update, but oh well.  I can't quite recite everything that happened this week in order, but this Easter weekend was amazing!  We also had an opportunity to help serve someone who needed some potatoes planted in his garden and a sheet rock mess cleaned up from his remodeling projects.  He has a beautiful home and has a great big backyard that has a great view to the river and Wenatchee across the river.  He invited us to come have picnics whenever we want.  He's such a potential investigator who said he quit drinking a year ago and hasn't smoked cigarettes since the beginning of this year.  He's seriously looking into the church, we are excited to see him attend soon!  He also has some work to do around his yard and he's looking for big groups to help with it... and that's where we come in!  We offered to come help with other missionaries, if he has anything he'd like us to help with, and we handed our number to him.  So hopefully we will have a chance this week (and hopefully not with the rain) to help him out in his big, gorgeous yard soon.  He sure is a gem.  He's ready to hear the gospel!  It's wonderful!  We have already sent his reference to the English speaking Elders in our area.  

Anyway, lots of walking, sneezing, coughing, the whole jist.  It's all getting better though.  I love it here and I enjoy every minute!  I almost forgot, we also go to a senior citizens home twice a week and play board games with the Old Folks, and also help in any way we can.  We love playing Scrabble with the old folks.  They are awesome.  Anyway, that's my week.  I'll try to have more exact details of my updates next week. 

Love you all.  Hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend!

Great views everyday

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