Monday, April 13, 2015

Being a Sickling but lot's of Sunshine!

We made pancakes this week since we haven't had many member dinners.
Hey everyone! 

This past week has been quite a roller coaster. General conference was so awesome last weekend, but I've had a super bad cold this past week, so I'm getting used to being sick but being even more exhausted. #missionarylife #Earachesandtissuesforlife

I went on my first exchange this past week with Sister Peatross. She is one of our awesome STL's but they both are a "zebra conpanionship" (one English speaking, one Spanish speaking).  Her companion Hermana Garcia is very fluent in Spanish and English but Sister Peatross is just speaking English for her mission. She is the bomb dot com!  Before we all went our separate ways for exchanges, there was a baptism that night and we found our District Leaders, who we asked earlier in the week to give me a blessing of healing and comfort. It was wonderful and I thanked them both twice!  Our District leaders are pretty amazing and we are super blessed to have awesome elders in our area at this time.  On exchanges, we did a lot of proselyting in their area.  The best part of living in the Wenatchee area is the beautiful land and the super cute houses, so we kind of did some house searching while we were proselyting.  It's all good, haha!  Met and talked with a lot of people and found some awesome references for our English elders and also for Sister Peatross and Hermana Garcia to go back to.  

After exchanges I was still pretty sick, so we called Sister Ware, our Mission President's wife and told her what was happening.  She advised us of which clinic to go to, and we went after our awesome Zone Leadership meeting on Thursday.  We arrived at the clinic and waited.  After we met the doctor, I explained my situation, and she checked my ears.  Apparently I had no ear infections, but my left ear was terribly swelled from my sinuses, and that's why I haven't been able to hear well lately.  She prescribed some medicine, we headed out to do service at the senior home and picked them up later.  Earlier that day, we had our Zone Leadership meeting... 

Good story, I am the only one who even slightly plays the piano, so I did my best, which sounded... absolutely terrifying and... we all failed terribly at singing as a result.  Haha, I definitely need to practice more.  The members we live with have a beautiful piano they have been letting me practice on while they have been out of town. They have been traveling a lot for the holidays and they are going on a cruise for the next couple weeks. Practica Mas! 

Everything is blossoming!
We visited a smaller town in our area on Saturday after we tried to contact some potentials. We had knocked and we were waiting at the door when my companion literally jumped off the front step!  We watched two ABSOLUTELY HUGE spiders chase each other in the window.  We were a little creeped out.  But eventually our potential didn't answer, so we swiftly walked back to the car.  It was hilarious and disgusting at the same time. 

That night while driving to the small town we checked the phone after receiving no calls for almost all day... we had 4 missed calls.. "Uh... What?"  Our phone hasn't been cooperating lately.  Long story short, we were asked to speak in the Spanish ward... for the next morning. *what's going on in my head* "Oh my dear.... Uhhhh" I still haven't been able to practice a lot of Spanish with real people outside of language study, so I was a bit stressed.
So we were both somewhat ready for our talks, we attended our English ward, and then headed out to the other side of the river for our Spanish ward.  They had a baby blessing that day, and most of the family members were English speaking, so we asked a member to translate for them, and I was asked immediately on the pulpit if I was going to speak in Spanish or English so our Mission Leader could translate... "Uhh... Ingles, please" pulling out my Spanglish... I was so nervous to speak in Spanish, and I feel like I should've just spoken Spanish, but I knew I had more to say than I could translate in my head.  I, with Elder Woodward, were the only ones speaking English.  We also had a youth speaker who took too long, so my companion Hermana Wortely was asked to speak next week, and we rushed through some testimonies.  It was pretty funny now that we look back on it. 

Over all a good week besides being terribly sick.  We have a bunch more investigators we will be visiting this week, and hopefully helping "James" to get baptized.  We have no way of communicating with him until we knock at his home.  We haven't been able to meet with him for the past week, but on exchanges Hermana Wortley and Hermana Garcia stopped by his place and he fully admitted he is not ready for baptism, but said he will read and pray this week until we see him again. CROSSING OUR FINGERS. SO TIGHTLY. 

That's the gist of my week, I hope you all are doing fantastic, hope the weather is great where ever you are! 

Love you all, take care!


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