Monday, April 20, 2015

Week 3, all is well!

Yo y mi companera matching for zone conference and interviews.

Hola mi pueblo! Como Esta?

Well, this week was awesome. We had interviews with President Ware, and he was able to give me some great counsel. I have been on a spiritual high since General Conference and my interview with President Ware. I really enjoy being around him. He's a gem!

Apple orchards for days ya'll!!
So some big news coming up...  As of this past Friday, my companion and I are only going to be covering the East Wenatchee part of our area, the less actives and Recent Converts, plus our climbing number of investigators.  While trying to cover two wards, we are also trying to get together a new Spanish group and hopefully a BRANCH by June, but it's taking a lot of work.  Covering two wards has been two much for our zone. So this week we have been given counsel to cover only our English speaking ward and bring all of our Spanish speaking investigators and Spanish less actives to the English speaking ward, where we have some of our Spanish speaking elders translate for them, since its an English speaking ward. This will be so much easier to cover and focus on, but also we have so much more time to tract and proselyte on Sundays now, instead of 8 hours of church, including our meetings.  But it is also sad because in our small Spanish speaking ward we just got an awesome ward mission leader, who has come with us to some lessons, and he speaks very good Spanish.  But it will get better.  We have some more bi-lingual people in our English speaking ward who we will be contacting this week to come out with us.  We also have been inviting our ward to come out with us, even if they don't speak Spanish.  We are going to start asking people who would like to come and bring their testimony written out, and we are going to translate their testimonies, and translate what they would like to say.  It's been quite a blessing because a few of our Relief Society members have signed up to come out and also a bunch of our youth.  We just had two youth in our ward receive their mission calls to Pennsylvania and New Zealand. They are great teenagers, and they are planning on coming with us this week, which is exciting!  I finally get to somewhat train someone, even though this is only my first transfer, haha!

We have had a lot of tender mercies from people who aren't interested, but we talk about having faith in Jesus Christ with them.  We have come across Pastors from the Lutheran churches here, we enjoy talking with them! At the doorstep, Lutheran members tend to be a bit more open with us and they are a lot nicer about letting us speak with them for a few minutes.  We found a lot of good potentials this week and also new investigators.  We passed our investigator, James, to the English elders in our area, because we teach him both in languages, but we decided he needs some more male influences.  His dad has no part in his life at this time, so we are looking forward to him being baptized by the English speaking elders. We hope they will become brotherly role models to him, but we will still be able to go to his baptism since we taught him for a time.  We are excited for him to hopefully be baptized by these elders.  Praying and crossing our fingers! :)

Anyway, sending love to you all, love and miss you all!

Oh, other exciting news.... I am getting a new sister-in-law in June!  I am extremely happy for my brother and his fiance!  I already love her!

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