Monday, August 1, 2016

Punchy-ness adventures...

Hello everyone! Here is the video to explain my title for this week. :) 
This past week was definitely a struggle, but it has been a blast! 
It has been in the one hundred degrees this week for the temperature... and It's been crazy!

We were walking on Tuesday, when we walked a VERY long distance home from the seminary building, where we were helping the seminary teacher for the high school do some office work. It made me feel like I was in my Mom's office again! filing, cleaning, laminating, she even brought some fruit for us to eat. She's amazing! Not as amazing as my mother though. :) 

After we walked all the way home, we literally passed out on our apartment floor. It was SO hot, we may or may not have started laughing uncontrollably because of how hot it was. It was a blast though, we tried to find as many cold things to eat as we could, got cleaned up, and headed out walking.... again... It finally cooled off to the 90's towards the end of the week, and believe it or not, we felt it! 

We had an awesome lesson with our ward mission leader, who served his mission in Argentina. His Spanish is SPECTACULAR! He basically is still a missionary inside a members body, he ROCKS at teaching lessons with us. We taught the Word of Wisdom to one of our slowly progressing investigators, and he just jumped in whenever in the lesson as if we were in a tri-pan. (maybe a quad including the Holy Ghost, of course) We also got asked out by an older gentleman this past week right as we were walking home... He wanted to take us to shoot pool, and we said no.. He was disappointed.. we didn't know what else to say other than we are missionaries. Luckily, Hermana Baird took over that conversation. 

The fridge of a walking missionary...
We've been working great with the members! We've had quite a number of great member lessons with some of the members from the English wards we cover. Because we've been getting involved with them more, on accident (being given rides home by sweet members) and purposely set up member lessons, We've been receiving so many member referrals! We even attended one of the English wards with permission, and we had everybody on their toes about if they had actually gotten sisters! Unfortunately, not completely... Everyone in this certain ward has begged to feed us, they are so sweet! The elders in this ward are going to have to get used to sharing a ward... Because literally, all the sisters in the ward already want to feed us and help us since they can't quite help the elders with too much. #blessingsofbeingasister

We had a few interesting lessons with less actives by translating for them about tickets they've received, and having 3 different lessons all in the same house, at different times, each a few minutes after the other. We've been on a roll!

Someone asked me this morning, "What is one of the greatest lessons you've learned on your mission?" Well some things I've learned on my mission..

How much potential that each of us have as sons and daughters of Heavenly Father.
We are pieces of art... He has created us each very differently for MANY purposes.
Especially, relating to your mass email from today, that we are called to specific missions, areas, and companions, for MANY reasons. 
I have had to slowly accept that things are the way they are, because He made them that way.
We each have divine potential, for what he wants us to become; and if we are humble, submissive, patient, and urgent in listening to the spirit, we can conquer all that lies in our path. 

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