Monday, July 25, 2016

Members Galore!

​Buenas Dias mis amigos!

Entonces.. This week was pretty darn good. I can't really explain how this week went, it was successful, but as us missionaries say, it doesn't always show in our numbers of lessons. It was successful because we truly learned how to teach, and not just anyone, but the members! Ever since our recent ZTM we have turned our focus for this month on working with members on their missionary work and strengthening our relationship with them. For instance, we have done a lot of service this week! We even had a member's son chase us down the street last night to give us freshly made cookies! I'm pretty sure he ran at least a mile. #13yearoldathlete

We've had some awesome dinner appointments this week with these amazing members. We have had a blast working with them.
I don't have much more time or much more to share, but the least I can say, is that I love being a missionary. And I've got 3 more weeks to live it up! 

Love you all! Have a great week!

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