Monday, June 20, 2016

What a week!

Hi everyone!

This week started out awesome with playing ultimate Frisbee for about 2 hours solid on P-day, so later that evening I was pretty tired and I had a hard time staying awake during our evening while out working. 

Tuesday we took a less active member with us to Trout Lake to visit a friend of hers who she referred us to!  The only problem was... when we got there, there were some Kirby Vaccum salesmen in her living room showing her their fancy vacuums.  So that was a bit of a  distraction, but luckily we introduced ourselves to the workers, and left them with some proselyting cards.  They came from Portland so we won't ever see them again sadly. Later that night we ate dinner at a member's house where their daughter Megan is starting her mission papers! Woohoo!  Megan is also one of our ward missionaries, so she got to come knocking with us later during the week!  

Later that night we visited Jose, our Hispanic less active, who is not doing good after his open heart surgery, so we decided to keep him and his Mom company while she told us about her conversion story, which took place right outside of Portland. She is AMAZING!  When she and her husband were baptized into a small Spanish group that linked off a big ward, the members embraced them, even with the language barrier.  They are so sweet and are taking care of Jose along with his family until he has recovered better. For the time being, he's not doing well. We were doing a lot of less active work this week, and that was good to keep getting to know different members of the ward.  We've also been doing a lot of service lately, and we've been given a bunch of fun things from the members like homemade strawberry jam, cherries, REALLY good cherries, and some other fun things. 

We had a youth from the young men come knocking with us, who is 13 years old. He's the cutest little missionary you've ever seen!  He even knocked a few doors while we were out!  We've been trying something new this week, due to some things that happened in our district meeting.  Usually we don't mind role plays, but when we started to role play I got so distracted, so we went out in the foyer and started role playing again. Hermana Knight and I have decided to start role playing with distractions, which has been helping me so much!

We visited a member this week who was in an accident with a horse and isn't doing well, so we got to spend some time with her keeping her company and helping her. We had plans to visit an Hispanic less active member, when he called us asking for help on his Sunday school lesson.  It turned out he's been lying to us for quite sometime. It's really disappointing, and so we won't be able to visit him anymore due to some problems that have come up. 

We stopped by the Derek family this week because we haven't seen them in quite some time, and we got to talk to the Dad, who's been reading in the Book of Mormon. He's making some great connections with Joseph Smith, because like him, Matt has had a lot of questions about religion, and has been asking to know the truth. They've told us for quite some time that they would come to church, well, lately they haven't.... until yesterday!  They came to church finally!  Right before the Sacrament was being blessed, to be exact.  His kids LOVED primary, and his son made some really cute comments in primary, talking about how they weren't going to be visitors soon anymore, because they wanted to be members.  I miss primary, I hope secretly I can have a calling in the nursery or primary when I get home because the spirit is literally so strong in the primary room. We got to go watch the primary for the 3rd hour on Sunday and help keep the kids under control. 

Well, that's been our week. Luckily my emails are getting more interesting week by week, right? :) 

Well, have a great week everyone! Good luck with everything and preparing for 4th of July!!

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