Monday, June 6, 2016

Expect the UN-expected.

So these past few weeks have seemed pretty boring, right? Well... Do I have a story for you guys!

So for those of you who have been following the weather for my area (Mom and Dad) We have already hit the 3 digit degree mark! Yesterday got up to 105!  Luckily we just got our A/C installed in our apartment so that was perfect timing! 

As for our investigators, nothing really has changed much. Still out knocking, visiting our less actives and asking everyone for referrals... EVERYONE.  Plus no body in town has been in a happy mood with the heat, so we've gotten some doors slammed in our faces this past week. Oh well!

​Us in our nightgowns at the members house sleeping over :) 
So this past week, across the river in Mosier, we had a train that derailed and blew up (11 train cars to be exact) which turned into a oil fire on the train tracks.. Due to this accident, the State patrol shut down the 84 on the Oregon side and made everyone re-route to the highway 14 which is on the Washington side... This traffic was sooooooo busy!  We had an appointment with someone in Lyle about 20 minutes away, and it wasn't so bad when we first drove out there, but coming back was much worse. After only going about a mile within 45 minutes, we called our leaders to tell them why we would be coming home late... and once we talked with them, we told them our options of what to do... We felt a lot more comfortable staying at a members house overnight rather than staying up until midnight trying to get home to White Salmon. So, we got permission within 15 minutes from President (which never happens since he's always on a time crunch) for us to stay with a member that night until the next day until we could drive home after all the traffic cleared. So, we had a totally unexpected sleepover with some members, and they took us to breakfast the next morning, so that was a blast!  We also had a fun festival/ fair happen in White Salmon that one of our few investigators at the moment had her own booth set up for her boutique, so we went by to see how the day had been going, and it was awesome!  She had a lot of business happen during the festival. 

This week has gone well, I've been learning a lot of really awesome things, especially turning outward when I would feel the need to worry about myself and turn inward. I LOVE being a missionary, I hope you all have  a fantastic and hopefully a cool week!
Haircut in hot weather - Love it!

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