Monday, June 13, 2016

Spiritual Fire Hose!

Hello everyone! How are Ya'll doing? 

So this past week was amazing! 

First, We went back to an investigators house... the same investigator where we got stuck in traffic trying to get back home.. We went to her house, and sat down while having a pre-chat before we started our lesson. Pretty soon her dog starts freaking out about something in the corner of the room under a pile of boxes. She told the dog to "Knock it off" and explained that sometimes he's a wuss about silly cobwebs or spiders. We continue to talk, but pretty soon the dog started to growl and Sister Knight heard a "hiss" come from where the dog was. Ellen jumped out of her chair, screamed a few words I won't ever repeat, and told us to get out of the house.. "IT'S A RATTLESNAKE!" We literally sprinted out of the house while she quickly picked up her dog and ran out with us.. 

We ran next door to her neighbors who are members, and the father wasn't home because he was with his family working 20 minutes away at their business office. As we walked back to where she was on the side of the road, we told her what happened and she said, "I give up, I'm getting the Mexicans!" She ran next door to her Hispanic neighbor, who followed her over with a Machete in his hand and his wife followed behind with a few random things. We looked at each other with bizarre looks on our faces. "Don't worry ladies, I've dealt with them rattlesnakes before."  

*GULP* okay mister! We then held the dog down outside while they took care of the snake. 45 minutes later we were sitting down again in her house, all calmed down after it all happened. 

As for our exciting conferences, It was amazing! Holy cow, it was just a fire hose all day, for two days. We heard from Daniel L Johnson, and we got so much out of it!  He made a lot of progress with teaching us the basics. Something he taught us was that we can compare our investigators to tomatoes; If we pick a green one, and yell at it to ripen it won't do us any good. But if we set it aside, and keep looking for the RED tomatoes (the investigators who are prepared and ready to keep commitments and are serious about taking the time to learn about the church) then it will be an easier time waiting for the green tomato, and it saves a lot more time as well. 

So, after our two days of conferences, we learned about teaching Hispanics and the role we must fulfill as THEIR missionaries.  We also learned about preaching and teaching repentance and baptizing converts... Now at first that sounds strange.. correct? Baptizing converts basically means that we should be baptizing and teaching those people who we know are prepared and who are ready to come to church, THIS Sunday, who are ready to read the Book of Mormon, EVERY DAY, and who are ready to pray for answers, EVERY DAY. I have loved these conferences, especially seeing and spending time with the other amazing missionaries I love. 

Rainbow and rain while I went on exchanges in Yakima after conferences 
Hna Harston and I

I got to see Sister Reynolds from my second area at the Yakima church building between traveling for conferences, bittersweet moment!!

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