Monday, May 23, 2016

Slow and steady wins the race... right?

Hi everyone! 

I hope ya'll are doing great, I've really enjoyed the work lately in White Salmon... The only problem is that our work has slowed down a great deal. We've been dropped by a few investigators, and we haven't had as much contact with Trevor as we hoped for. 

Our good news, is that we had blitz exchanges with our STL's who came down from Yakima. They are currently serving in Hermana Knight's old area and live with the sisters who are serving in my old area. It was awesome exchange to learn so much from these two sisters, one of which is heading home tomorrow at the completion of her mission, and she ROCKS!  Shout out to Hermana Anna Streuling from Utah!  The other, which I've talked a bit about in the past, Hermana Dee, rocked my socks during our exchange.  We had a lot of catching up to do while we got ready to kick back and go to bed.  We talked a lot about our good ol' Englewood Branch of Yakima.  We learned a lot over our exchange, and enjoyed the rest of our week. 

We also just got transfer calls on Saturday night... With my time left on my mission I expected to leave White Salmon and finish my last two transfers somewhere else, but fortunately... WE ARE BOTH STAYING OTRA VEZ. Yes, I may or may not finish my mission in White Salmon. which personally would be extremely ideal to me because I LOVE our area. But as the hymn goes, "I'll go where you want me to go, Dear Lord."  I've been pondering on the hymns we sing as member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints and I have come to the conclusion that I could listen to church hymns for the rest of my life... personally that's just how I feel right now.  In every moment of need that I've had, there's always been a moment when I have a church hymn going through my head that has helped me through the tough times. 

I am excited to be in White Salmon for another transfer, I love being a missionary, it's one of the best experiences I've had yet! 

Love you all!

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