Monday, April 18, 2016

Hermana Knight & I!

Good morning everyone!

Wow, this past week has been a work in progress.  Monday and Tuesday we let Hermana Buss say goodbye to a lot of members, and we had some sweet time together before she left. Wednesday morning, we woke up and Hermana Buss STILL wasn't packed. I was scared for her, on the other hand, Hermana Juarex who stayed the two nights with us (her senior comp went home) was not so happy. I, on the other hand, told Hermana Buss to get in the shower while I packed her stuff. Within 15 minutes, Herman Juarez and I packed her last few things and got out the door with Herman Buss's stuff... and when I say stuff, there was A LOT.

We got to the Hood River Church when we realized how much stuff each missionary had that had to fit into a Dodge Van... I was on the verge of sweating, I couldn't believe how much stuff we had to fit into this van, and the member was completely chill as a cucumber while I looked at the van as soon as we pulled up, and I silently said to myself... 'This ain't gonna work, people!!'  But luckily, the sweet member and I packed the van with our good packing skills (Thanks to my sweet, awesome Dad who taught me how to properly pack a car for a trip!) And we headed off to the transfer site, we smushed the two elders in the back while we hermanas fit into the upper seats... (Poor elders, sorry!) We came back with even MORE things from our new companions, so we ended up having to take some of our new companions' things and have other missionaries take them to another church building, and which our member was more than willing to pick up the other missionaries' things. 

Hermana Knight is from Rockwall, Texas (Across a lake and 30 minutes from Dallas) and she ROCKS! She was born in Logan, and she's been back and forth from Cedar Hills, Utah and Dallas ever since.  She's only been 6 months out on her mission, and she's on fire! I love it!  We have lots of great plans for our area; Trevor is slowly but surely progressing, and he's growing so much in the Gospel! We've met some part member families that we will be teaching this week, and it will be amazing. I just can't wait. 

I also just FINALLY got pictures of Wendy, the teenager with down syndrome that I taught in my first area, and her baptism pictures! She just glows! (sniff sniff)  She's all grown up!

Anyway, It's been an awesome week, Change is my favorite, but this week has been great!

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