Monday, January 4, 2016

Feliz Ano Nuevo!

Buenas Dias, Como Estan?

All is well here in Yakima, The weather is perfect, I LOVE this snow. This week a lot of things happened...

Chesy will be getting baptized this Saturday! She is so ready to make her covenant with Heavenly Father!  We will be bringing members over to Chesy's  house just about every day to prepare her and finish her lessons, including her baptism interview.  We are so excited!  Francisco and Delia don't feel quite ready to get baptized, so we are going to help Chesy get baptized first, and her parents will follow along sometime either at the end of January or February.

This past week we even visited Karen again, She unfortunately won't be ready by the 16th. We haven't been able to see her enough  so we will end up pushing her date back.

Lately Hermana Aldrich and I have had a few times of miscommunication, and it has hurt our companionship lately, so for companion we talked it all out, and it's amazing how much better we both felt after talking about everything. She's like a little sister.  We've come to better terms and we start fresh every day and every week.
We finally met a less active family this week since coming here, and she's the cutest single mom ever!  Her kids are even more adorable!  We even shared a Mormon message with her (THANKS MOM, FOR THE DVD:) and she loved the idea of the videos and the DVDs.  She's currently stuck in her trailer because her car stopped working, so she may not be getting to work for a week or so...  So we are going to go back one day this week and keep her company!

Our District Leader and his companion had a baptism this past week, and he asked us to come sing for the baptism, which Chesy, Francisco and Delia all came to watch!  We sang the same arrangement of "I Know That My Redeemer Lives" that I sang at the other baptism in Wenatchee.  The spirit was so strong, even though half of us were sick with head colds still.  I'm getting better though.  I love being a missionary, its the best experience ever!

Love you all!  Have a wonderful week!  :)


1. (of water) 
a. ripple (small) 
Tiró una piedra en el estanque y observó las ondas que se formaban.He threw a rock into the pond and observed the ripples that formed.
b. wave (large) 
El terremoto ocasionó una onda marina que destrozó la costa.The earthquake caused a tidal wave that destroyed the coastline.
2. (means of energy transfer) 
a. wave 
Las ondas de radio y las ondas de los rayos X tienen frecuencias distintas.Radio waves and X-ray waves have different frequencies.
3. (shape or design) 
a. wave 
Le encantaba ver cómo el aire jugaba con las ondas de su cabello.He loved to see how the air played with the waves in her hair.

Definition thanks to Dad.

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