Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas and Birthday

Hi Everyone! 

This past week was a blast, even though not too much happened - besides turning 20..... I can't even phase it, I don't know how to feel.

We were able to spend Christmas morning back in Toppenish with our zone for breakfast of bacon, pancakes, eggs, everything you could ever think of... Oh man, It felt just like home!  We even watched "The Best Two Years!"  And anyone who knows me well knows I watched that a lot when my parents first got it, so of course, naturally, even after 10 months, I was able to quote some of it to myself, and even the music. The sound tracks are the best!

We came home from Toppenish and went to a member's house to video chat with our families, which was super fun. My family sang "Happy Birthday" to me over chat and I introduced Hermana Aldrich to my family, and then I got to meet her amazing Mom later!  We even sang "I Stand All Amazed" in Spanish for both of our families, and it was pretty fun! 

This week we were even able to go caroling to our district's investigators.  We each picked 2-3 of our own investigators to go sing to, and so naturally, we asked if we could visit Chessy and Delia.  Delia started crying when we starting singing, the spirit was so strong!  She felt it again when they came to church yesterday! :)  We had a sweet lesson with a former investigator family yesterday when it started to snow again here in Yakima. Goll, I love this snow! it's my favorite!  But nothing beats Utah snow... 

Thank you all for the Birthday Wishes and the Christmas packages you've sent me! I love it all! I haven't quite phased to feel like I'm 20 years old.. but it's all good!  I don't have any problem with being 20 yet, haha!  On the morning of my birthday Hermana Aldrich was making pancakes... and then the other 3 in our house snuck into the kitchen and helped her make me a birthday pancake with the candles and all!  She's the sweetest comp ever! I love her to death!

But that's all for now! Have a good week everyone!

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