Monday, December 14, 2015

It's beginning to look as lot like....

Hi everyone! 

This past week was awesome!  We had our Trainer/Trainee meeting at the mission home just down the road from us in Yakima, and it was so awesome!  It was super interesting to see that I was only 1 of 3 "old" missionaries who were training, and the other trainers are all just fresh out of BEING trained.. and I was the only one who went last transfer for Hermana Parry, and now this transfer for Hermana Aldrich!  So it was funny that I was there twice in the past 2 months for the training meeting.  Heavenly Father has a sense of Humor to call me to train again, and not even finish my first trainee's training... It's all part of His plan, that's all I know!  It was so much fun to see how much we all had different "being trained" experiences, and now we get to step into our Trainer's footsteps! 

This week we had a goal to talk to 70 people, 10 every day. We didn't quite hit our goal, but it was awesome to see how when we set goals if we put our faith in making them that Heavenly Father helps us stretch just enough to work our potential to talking and teaching as many people as possible!  One thing that makes it all possible is this AMAZING video we've been able to share with so many people and give out the cards.  You all have been able to watch the video, correct?  I invite you to share it with someone, or on social media!  It's the best video ever and this is one way to bring the spirit to conversation while also sharing your testimony!

We also taught Jose! This is the man who's basically a member, but he's not... He's taken all the missionary discussions. He's taken all of Gospel Principles classes, he's even taken the TEMPLE CLASSES AND JUST FINISHED!  He's NOT a member.....  He's absolutely amazing! You may ask, "Why isn't he a member?! Baptize him already!"  Well that's where it gets complicating... His girlfriend, who he's lived with for quite a long time is an active member, but they have been living together for a long time, and she's still technically married to someone else... they are waiting for the divorce papers to go through, then they will get married, and then he will get baptized, and then he has already talked about going to the temple. He's so knowledgeable and so ready, just waiting on the divorce. So that's a masterpiece waiting to be shown :)

We had a sweet zone meeting about becoming consecrated missionaries, meaning we truly put EVERYTHING on the alter of sacrifice for the Lord, and then in return he opens doors for us to teach with power and conviction, and truly giving up all worldly desires to put our whole hearts into the work. It was amazing, and I truly loved it! I already see a change in me since I first put my tag on in the CCM, but Heavenly Father has chiseled me into the person he needs me to be. Training for the second time around is a bit tough. We are just getting used to our area, but it's great while we've been knocking everyday, finding new wonderful people!
We found Francisco and his daughter Chesy, who are so ready! We shared the Christmas video with them and Chesy started getting emotional, it was so cool!  We gave them both Book of Mormon's, and Chesy is preparing for January 9th to be baptized! We've seen itsy bitsy miracles from being as obedient as possible and talking to everyone, and it's truly been amazing to meet and talk with so many people!

Friday we planned and went to a Christmas Program that our stake put on, and President and Sister Lewis were there, since they attend the ward covering the area of the mission home.  It was so much fun seeing people from different churches and beliefs come, it was so humbling and exciting!  We've shared the video cards with so many people, and maybe it's just because of the wonderful season, but it's so much fun being a missionary around Christmas. Everyone is so happy and willing to talk and open doors to you!  It's the best feeling ever, and of course sharing something in common with our neighbors, friends, family, and all in between.  Sadly we aren't sure if we will have snow here in Yakima... It's extremely rainy from all the crazy stuff happening on the coast.  I'd love to have snow, but I'd be fine with a bit of rain. I love it here. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else, and I can't wait to see and talk to my family next week. It's crazy that just yesterday it feels like I got here on my mission, (February) and now it's already December, and we are even having our Christmas gathering this week here in Yakima with all the zones from the south part of the mission.  We will be having lots of fun this week with Christmas parties for our Branch, Christmas lesson preparing, and even a sweet baptism and Christmas program this weekend!  It won't be our baptism, but it will be a great guy from the other missionaries in our Branch.

This church is true,
the Book of Mormon is too.
Love you all!

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