Monday, December 7, 2015

I'm now a Yakimite, and MOLLY'S BAPTISM!

Hi everyone! 

This past week has been quite the adventure! We doubled out and met at transfers on Wednesday in Yakima, and handed our car over to the new elder for him and his coming companion to have it for Toppenish, and then I met my brand new Hija, Hermana Aldrich! We are getting along great! She's from St. George Utah, and she has an AMAZING story!  I would tell it all, but I'll give a general Idea. 

She is probably the most GPS-like person I've ever met. We've gotten lost so many times and she's helped us find out way out, even when we walked all the way home from 16th, (we live on 41st) That night was exhausting!  But it's okay, we share a car so we are currently on foot and in the car, half and half.  But as for the branch, I've never seen a stronger branch on my mission. These members are amazing!  We have some sweet investigators we are waiting to meet, and the members are so EXTREMELY HELPFUL. 

Thursday I lost my wallet, so that was a bit nerve racking, but later in the mission office, someone dropped it off! Apparently it fell out somewhere during transfers and I couldn't find it later that night, so Hermana Aldrich and I had the car for the night when we drove to the mission home, (less than 5 miles away) on a black-ice night to the safe arms of President and Sister Lewis who handed over my wallet.  What a sigh of relief!

Molly's baptism! We almost didn't have a ride, so we were about to drive ourselves, but instead we found a dinner on Sunday night, who was also with our solid investigator, Jose, who is currently in a relationship with a member who is married to someone else... so they are waiting on divorce papers to be finalized so they can get married and then he can get baptized!  We ate with the Estradas and the Sotos, the most hilarious Hispanic family members I've ever met!  Hermano Soto drove us sisters (we got permission because there's 5 of us sisters who were going, so it was perfect!  The baptism started earlier than we expected, so we didn't get to see her in the font, but we saw her after, and we greeted her with candy lei's that Hermana Taua had made for her.  I was asked to bear my testimony!  While still in tears, I asked to borrow an elder's scripture so I could bear my testimony, and then I never ended up being asked to come up.. so that was a little sad, but the musical numbers were wonderful. Sister Parry played the piano and Sister Taua did a bit of a Solo in Somoan. :) It was the BEST!

Molly bore her testimony before the program ended, and I could just see this bright light inside of her that I hadn't seen in any one else before!  It was so wonderful, I'm crying as I write this because I just can't get the image of her out of my mind right now.  She looked beautiful in her dress after she changed (right when we got there) and she could not stop tearing up as she bore her testimony, but it was the most JOYFUL day I've yet on my mission so far. I didn't witness Sabino's baptism, but I was partially there for Molly's and she looked wonderful!  I'm just so happy I was able to teach her, and that I was there to see her bear her testimony.  It was the most perfect day, including her confirmation right after.  I literally can't stop smiling because of how beautiful the program was and how wonderful it went. She's my number one! 

Love you all!

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