Monday, November 30, 2015

Thanksgiving and Semana Loco!

Hi everyone! 

We haven't had any snow, but we HAVE been able to enjoy our wood burning stove! I feel like I'm back at the cabin!  

So to first off tell you our transfer info....  I think Heavenly Father must have a sense of humor, and of course an intelligent mind. I have been called to train another new sister missionary, and I will be LEAVING Toppenish. These past four months have flown by, and Neither of us thought we would leave... I will be sent to a BIG area in Yakima, to cover just Spanish work *secretly so excited to meet a new branch!* and I will be training this sister, which means neither of us know ANYTHING about the area... This should be a good challenge for me! I am incredibly excited and nervous at the same time, but this is what Heavenly Father has asked of me, and I have accepted! As for Hermana Parry, she will be going to Sunnyside, and will be taking over for a sick sister to finish being trained by someone she came in with. She and Hermana Pons will finish training each other!  As for Toppenish, there will be two elders sent here to take over. Our area is pretty awesome, but due to more Elders coming in this transfer and to less number of Spanish Sisters, Heavenly Father guided President Lewis to DOUBLE US OUT. Yeah, I still can't believe it. She's only a half hija to me now... hmph. 

Other than that, this past week was again, slow. Everyone was incredibly busy due to Thanksgiving. We've all heard of missionaries getting multiple meals for Thanksgiving, right? Well, luckily we only had one! As I explained last time, we basically became part of a family reunion... I was a bit 'trunky' seeing all the grand kids of the members and meeting all their family, but in the end, it was fun being with the family!  We had a blast!  For most missions, at least hearing from friends in other missions, not too many missions had to work on Thanksgiving.  Unfortunately, we worked still on Thanksgiving, and NO BODY WOULD TALK TO US. pft...  It's all good, we over all had a good week!

I honestly still can't believe that we are both being sent out of Toppenish, but I know that there are these wonderful Hispanics waiting to hear from the elders!  Upon my calling, again to train a sister, I have definitely learned so much about not only being trained, as I experienced with Hermana Wortley, but to train is such a privilege. I feel very honored that Heavenly Father would want me to train another sister, and especially going to a new area, and as some of you can imagine, I am under quite a bit of stress, to prepare an area for elders, and to prepare myself to be completely new to this sweet area of Yakima, but I am extremely proud to accept the call to train, OTRA VEZ! Again! I can't believe it still, I can't express how i feel! I had to explain to Hermana Parry about how we can totally feel the spirit as we listen to the voice mails of where everyone is going and what companionships will be new in our zone.  We just felt so much power after talking with President Lewis this past Saturday morning. 

I am very sad to leave all these wonderful people behind, but I am now looking forward to starting fresh in Yakima, and being even closer to rely on my leaders, (4 of us sisters will be living together, our Sister training leaders!) I sure do love them and I always seek for their counsel, and not only theirs but the Lord's, and I look forward to coming to know my Heavenly Father even more! 

We will be back for Molly's baptism next Sunday and for when Burt gets baptized, and even Joann! I am leaving behind a wonderful place, and I absolutely love this place despite how unsuccessful I feel as I prepare to leave, but excited to leave off what the Elders will have to work with. I don't feel like I've done enough, but I know I have because I've been called to train again. 

I have no doubt in my heart that I know The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day-Saints is true. I feel such great power and authority as a missionary, and I am extremely happy to be a Disciple of Jesus Christ!
That's all I have for this week, have a good week!

Me and Tana Johnson, who is the daughter of Joann, who we just got permission to teach, and who referred us to Burt, her husband's handyman on the farm. 

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