Monday, January 11, 2016

11 down... Que?

Hi everyone! 

This past week was pretty interesting...
We had transfer calls, and Hermana Aldrich and I are staying!  Literally no one in the mission is changing... 5 missionaries are leaving to head home, and only 12 are coming in, but we will be having a 3rd district in our zone! We'll be getting a new District leader, and our area will be split!  We will no longer cover the out distanced cities in our area that we haven't been able to visit, but it will be good because there's lots of potential out there!
Chesy did not end up getting baptized, but she will definitely be prepared for next week.

This past week I got some amazing news!  Burt Ramsey back in Toppenish had plans to get baptized this past weekend!  Due to our baptism falling through, and multiple other of our baptisms for our District falling through, we found a member to take us to Burt's baptism, and it was wonderful!  He'll probably be my last English investigator to be baptized, but who knows? Maybe I'll do some english work in the future again. His baptism was amazing, everyone from the ward was there, and still plenty of the people I knew from before.  Ever since he told us about his dreams of seeing multiple people and assuming it was a sign of family history work, I always saw him in white... and I got to see it actually happen!  He looked glowing!  I did not get a picture of him in white, but trust me when I say he looked like an Angel!

On Tuesday we had planned to have a FHE with Chessy and Francisco, but they never showed up.  They called us and told us that Francisco was working and plowing snow around town, so we weren't able to have them.  We were able to help the member who we made the plan with to have her first real FHE, and despite her kids going crazy, she pulled it together and shared her testimony along with her daughters' testimonies. She's literally amazing.

Wednesday we met Carla, who is outstanding!  She has so much potential, and she let us talk to her for 15 minutes while she stopped cooking in her kitchen, and she was so excited to accept a pamphlet. She's awesome!  We are going back to her this week!  We also did A LOT of walking on Wednesday, so my calves are definitely feeling like rock!

Friday we had a big discussion with Chesy about rearranging a new date for her baptism, and we had Hermana H. with us from the branch and her grandson Alex, who's going to be like... the BEST missionary ever!  We are patiently waiting as a branch to see where he will go, and he totally testified of the commandments to Chesy and promised her in the name of the Lord that she would be blessed if she used the atonement to do better everyday. It was perfect!  Then Alex got ordained an Elder this past Sunday.  WOOHOO!

Saturday night we went to Burt's baptism, and that was amazing!  Here are some pictures.  Hope they show up - and of course, a tag picture!  Sunday was also awesome because we had Francisco, Chesy, AND Delia at church, and they stayed the WHOLE time this time... YESS!  I'm so happy we've been seeing little miracles still.

Another crazy thing happened...   I hit my 11 months... Que?  No!  No Quiero!  I can't believe it's been just under a year since I got on a plane just as Sarah, and then arrived in Mexico as Hermana Marble, I absolutely love being here, wearing this tag humbles me, strengthens me, gives me the power.  I never thought I would change this much over the past 11 months.  I have enjoyed every minute so far of becoming more like Christ, and I have a strong testimony of the life of Jesus Christ.  As I put on my tag all I care is about representing him, and doing my best to put my personal worries aside and worry about teaching those who need the gospel and my time more than I need my own time. 

 Love you all, thank you for all the endless prayers and support. I feel it every day!

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