Monday, August 31, 2015

Good morning everyone!

Hope everyone back home is doing well.

Not much has happened this week so my email won't be too detailed.  We visited Rose Marie who is an investigator that Hermana Taua found before I got here, and we've been having a hard time finding her home. We finally got to visit her this past week and she updated us on her concerns. She speaks mostly English, but she's Hispanic. We are teaching her in English because she wants to learn it more and more. We expressed a lot of love from our Heavenly Father to her when she started explaining her trials. We felt the impression to ask her to be baptized, so of course, following the spirit we went ahead and asked. She exclaimed she would LOVE to be baptized! We got super excited and continued to promise blessings to her and her children as long as she would continue to make an effort to read in the Book of Mormon, until we got her a copy of the children's Book of Mormon in English for her and her kids and grand kids. 

On Thursday it was Hermana Taua's one year mark!  Which is more sad for us sisters because it means they only have 6 months left...... and never want to leave their missions. Which is totally her!  We were blessed with some sweet members who offered to feed us and even offered to feed us dessert from another member that same day. We sure do love our tiny branch members!

I had a little bit of a downside to this week which I won't detail too much. My investigator Sabino, back in Wenatchee, he planned to be baptized this past Saturday!  Unfortunately, due to lack of communication between our Zone Leaders, I couldn't get any more information on it. I was extremely sad when we were told we could not go due to length of driving!  NO!  I still haven't gotten any information on his baptism, but I hope to today when we stop by the Mission Office!

To end my email on a happy note...   We had a HUGE conference this past week with Elder Packer of the area of the 70!  He's the Apostle Elder Packer's son, and man! Is he amazing!  We had a sweet conference about becoming the pioneers of the Washington Yakima mission.  A lot of discussion with him for advice about our areas and our teaching.  We received some great trainings on faith, leading by the spirit, and understanding our investigators! We LOVED being with him and enjoyed having time to talk with him and counsel with him for our new mission.  Mom, His grandma's maiden name is HARMAN! and lived back in Boston!  I was able to talk with him about his lineage a bit after the conference, we may possibly be related, but it would be very far back. 
Hermana Taua had the opportunity to sing at the conference as well, she really enjoyed it and so did everyone else back in the congregation!

Today's my MTC companion Hermana Harston's birthday!  This sister and I go WAY back.  I appreciate her for all she did for me when we were companions, and we are celebrating our P-Day today with her and with lunch in Yakima. 

Yesterday I had the opportunity to give a talk in Sacrament meeting about the living day prophets of the church, and it definitely made me choke up a few times giving my testimony of the prophets of our day, but I can't express enough how much I love our prophet, Thomas S. Monson.  Hermana Taua and I even sang together yesterday for the rest hymn during Sacrament meeting. We haven't had too much happen this week teaching wise or investigator wise. We continue to search high and low for the elect people to teach, but as of right now, We know heavenly father is testing us.. :)

Have a great week!

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