Monday, August 17, 2015

Slow and Steadily forward

Hi everyone! 

So to you guys who have been asking, yes, we have our car again!

Monday we stayed in Toppenish for Pday since we were car-less, but we had a member who drove us a few places and our awesome branch president and his daughter drove us to lunch and to email that day. 

Tuesday, I hit my 6 month mark! It feels like these past 6 months have just flown by! So weird! We did service at the food bank where Sister Massengale took us and dropped us off and then picked us up. Well she didn't know it was my 6 month mark until she drove us there, and then when she came back to get us.... BOOM! Baloons galore in her car, and car marker on her car of my 6 months... Honestly, one of the sweetest things the members have done for me since I came out! She used to blow up those animal and flower balloons for the Toppenish parades and fairs, so she blew up a couple flowers for H. Taua and I. It was so sweet of her!  We took all the balloons home with us. We had dinner with the Ibarra family, who I mentioned last week. They are the best!! Brother and Sister Ibarra have taken us in like their 7th and 8th daughters. They always check on us and ask us if we need anything. They are definitely my mission parents. 

Wednesday we had a sweet Zone meeting, the first meeting for the first full transfer in the new mission. Discussed our goals and our areas, and got some new ideas to take to our Branch President. Then we got lunch, hung out with our zone, got home and went to work with calling potentials, what we've been doing lately when we get stuck at the house. We had a lesson with Alberto and Katrina, who are officially new investigators! Alberto is looking for answers, and we explained to him that when we call upon our Father in heaven He will answer our prayers in His due time. He was found by Hermana Taua and her past companion, and he's seriously searching for happiness. BINGO! That's what we do! We had that sweet lesson about prayer with him, and that was the same day we got our CAR BACK!  We've missed our beautiful car... So thankful for it!

Friday we had a lesson with Katrina, which has been interesting lately... She LOVES her bible. She'll quote stuff from the Bible and new testament like none other. It's crazy! We taught her the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and then she asked a lot of good questions about the Plan of Salvation. We have plans to teach the Plan of Salvation for her next lesson.  Sadly we didn't commit her to a baptism date, but we will for sure tomorrow night when we meet with her again. We had a HUGE dinner with a recent convert's family after our lesson with her, and we seriously could barely walk out of the house after that meal. It felt like Thanksgiving all over again. Home made fried beans, beef and corn tortillas. And some of the BEST homemade Spanish rice I've had since I got here (Mom, yours is still the best ever!)

Saturday we had a sweet Spanish combined branch dinner and activity. We had a pot luck and soup for dinner, and then we had this cool activity with everyone about the Plan of Salvation, (IF ONLY Katrina had come with us!) where everyone was wearing a certain colored ribbon, and it represented the different people in the spirit world after our earthly life and where we all went. Then we moved around to different rooms/worlds in the church. It was so cool! The Branch President gave us the materials to do it with our branch for an activity or with the youth. Not too many of our branch came, but some of our awesome less actives came.  So we came and tagged along with the Ibarra family in their family van. Again, they're the best.

Sunday was pretty nice, we had another great Ward Council about our less actives. We had the pleasure of listening to President Kendall in Sacrament meeting as well. He's super awesome, he's feeding us with his family hopefully soon this week or next week!

It's been another slow week, but it will continue to get better! Can't wait to see the blossoms of our fruits. I know if we are obedient to our Heavenly Father in keeping the commandments and keeping our covenants with him that we are incredibly blessed in so many ways. 

Thanks for all the endless support and prayers. I feel them greatly!
Love you all!

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