Monday, August 10, 2015

Car-less, Knee-less....

Well, this week has been super interesting...

Last P-day, Hermana Taua injured her knee pretty bad while we were playing volleyball with our zone in Yakima. She spiked the ball and came down on her leg wrong, and some of us heard a 'Pop'...  Not sure what exactly happened, but we got in contact with our mission nurse who told us to ice it and elevate and it should get better. We already had plans to buy some pain killer that day to share in a big bottle, so we got to Toppenish from Pday just in time to get some pain killer for her before we had our appointment with Veronica. 

Tuesday we road tripped to Quincy to attend a special training that I should've gotten during my second transfer of being trained, but it's been canceled twice since I first got here.  So we finally got to attend this past week, and road tripped with some other missionaries including my awesome MTC Homie, Hermana Harston and her companion, who serve in Yakima.  We received a sweet training on the Doctrine of Christ.  We absolutely loved it!  We were able to talk with Sister Lewis, President Lewis's wife about Hermana Taua's knee, and mine... I didn't have any accident with mine, just some stiff pain.  We called our mission nurse again, who didn't answer our phone.  We were about to give up on solutions but we soon got a voicemail from her, that told us she set up an appointment for us to visit a clinic with some doctors who are members (because just about every practice in Yakima that has a member from the church will work with the missionaries for almost free!).  Luckily we caught the voicemail before we got in the car in Yakima to drive home, 30 minutes away.  It was that same day, and those same sisters we rode with to our training? My MTC companion?  Well, we just carpooled with them because they were on their way to the same clinic and had their one appointment around the same time as Hermana Taua's.  They did some X-rays on her knee, and we should be getting a call back today with results.

On top of having one less working leg, we had to take our car into the auto collision place in Wapato, about 15 minutes away.  Some past missionaries were kinda wreck-less with the doors on our beautiful car, and body work on all doors was needed and new paint.  The paint job was already beautiful, and we hope they don't change the color of our car... 

But that same night we were taken out to dinner by a member who then dropped us off at the Youth's Mutual night of car washing, that they invited us to help at.  While Hemana Taua rested her knee, I finally got to get dirty and wet and help wash cars from the members and leaders of the church.  The youth here are absolutely amazing!  I got to know them and I've already started to love each of them.

So, from what you've read so far, missionary work has been a bit of a struggle this week.  We were able to go on splits this week, with permission from President Lewis for me to go out and work and visit less actives with a member, while Hermana Taua stayed at the Ibarra's house (the amazing members I told you about last week).  Our first split was when Sister Ibarra came out with me and drove us to some less actives who needed a visit while their daughter Christina stayed at our house with Hermana Taua.  I was able to really connect with our sweet amazing less actives.  Our second split was Saturday night when I was able to visit some recent converts since March, who have been less active since being baptized by the elders, who were last in this area before Hermana Taua and her past companion.  They haven't been attending and I've been eager to meet them.  I finally got to meet them and they are a sweet small family, who we got a return appointment with to help them out this week on Tuesday, and have just a couple dinners this week. 

Sunday I finally got to meet our amazing branch president, President Kendall.  He is so cool.  We enjoy our meetings with him and he's offered to give us rides with his wife to an appointment with our new investigator Katrina!  Katrina is a super sweet teenager who is dating a youth in the branch.  They both have good intentions, and her boyfriend has plans to serve a mission.  We plan on asking her to be baptized this week and to extend a baptism date.  Can't wait!  She's super into the Bible, (Christian background) super sweet, good teenager, and we can't wait to visit with her again!  She wants us to meet her parents this week too, who have let her take the lessons with us. 

Just got off the phone with the Auto-collision place and we should be getting our car back tomorrow afternoon.  In the meantime, we are finding rides from members to go grocery shopping and to get home from our Pday stuff. 

That's my week, but I received some sweet mail from some of you within the past few weeks, thanks for all the love and support! :)

Love you all, have a dandy safe week!

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