Monday, September 7, 2015

Toppenish Round Two!

Hi everyone! 

I'm staying in Toppenish for the next transfer, and so is Hermana Taua. We are so excited to start fresh this transfer and to get to work with the people we've been finding. 

Transfer news... Remember how we have a big area currently? Well, we were able to talk to President Lewis about our area this past week at the mission office (about 25 minutes away) while we were doing some work for the sisters in the office. Our area is getting SPLIT!  We will now have two Spanish speaking elders taking part of our area, meaning the part where we've been recommended MULTIPLE times to not visit... At least, not we sisters, so we've been busy this week splitting the area book and area info to hand off to them. Elder Hudson will arrive training a new missionary on Wednesday. They aren't living too far from the church building, and will also be doing a bit of English work. We are super excited to get some help in our area, and now it will be much easier to focus on our investigators at the most southern part of our area, and here in Toppenish. 

Our one grand miracle this week was finding Marcos and his family.  We called him a few weeks from our book records while we were at home without our car.  We got a return appointment, which we tried changing later, but could never get a hold of him. We lost his address along with some others due to our lack of organization lately... (yikes, I know..)  We recently found a couple of the addresses but no names to match the addresses, so we decided to visit all of them and physically contact them at their homes.  Marcos's address was the first which led to us being welcomed into the house and teaching about how much Heavenly Father loves each of us and having faith in him and in His Son Jesus Christ. His wife Natalia was amazing and kept dropping her jaw while we testified and talked about Jesus Christ. They have 3 beautiful daughters, one of baptismal age. 

This week I have really enjoyed and looked back on how far I've come over the past six months, and how much I've changed. I have truly enjoyed every part of my mission - when I laughed, cried, knocked endless doors, talked to people, been spit in the face, slammed doors in my face, but every time my companion was there. I've missed out on some amazing days that my family has enjoyed, but through it all I remember how much I've been given every single day of my life to prepare for these 18 months I've started, and it's now here, and almost half of it is already flown by... I've definitely loved every moment, and I will continue to enjoy every moment possible that the Lord has given me. I am so eternally grateful to be on a mission and to be here in Washington. 

Thank you to my family and friends for your endless support and love, I love you all! Have a wonderful week!

Had some super sweet horchata the other day, and I also ate a new food... :) Vaca Cabeza tacos :) 

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