Monday, June 15, 2015

Transfers, Doctors... Yakima Missionary!

Hey ya'll! 

So the biggest news is....
I am staying in East Wenatchee!  Which means with the mission split in the middle of the transfer, I will be staying in the Washington Yakima Mission!  I'm very sad I won't have President Ware in my mission after July, but I have truly enjoyed serving with him! 

Hermana Wortley my trainer is headed to the tri-cities to become a Sister Training Leader, which means she will be staying in the Kennewick mission, unfortunately.  She and I have truly grown so much together and have gone through so much together.  We are sad she will be leaving, but we will be able to email later together anyway. :)

So this past week was a REAL roller-coaster.  Tuesday we had our last Zone Training Meeting.  I sure will miss my zone, every single companionship has changed this transfer.  Very sad, but exciting! 

Then Hermana Wortley caught a virus... She started having bug bite-like bumps all over her body.  It was so sad to see her in pain from itching and the burning, but it was only on her arms and legs.  Super STRANGE!  We were serving a less active on Wednesday, and wait for it...  She asked us to help her make TAMALES!
I have never been in heaven before after eating the amazing tamales she taught us how to make, It was amazing!
But after we finished at her house Hermana Wortley started feeling more sick.  We went back home and ate some lunch and called Sister Ware.  EVERY one has told us it's bug bites, but our beds and our room are clean of bugs and any creepy crawlies.  So we headed to the doctor and she was given some prescriptions and a good allergy pill.  It was some kind of Rosea virus.  It was horrible to see her in pain, but the bumps and symptoms are going away more and more.  I am so happy she's been my companion and my trainer.  She's amazing and I will never forget this amazing sister!  I sure do love her!

Later that night we both received blessings from Elder Hacking and Elder Cataldo.  I was feeling a lot of stress about training a sister, and feeling not ready yet.  I know now that the Lord knows my desire to train, but the desire I have to learn even more.  I know he knows everything I feel, and every stress I have within me.  Elder Hacking gave me a profound blessing I knew I needed, it was perfect to my needs and my sufficiency. 

I am so thankful I am staying in East Wenatchee, and I am extremely excited to be getting Hermana Alcocer, and to meet my new mission president in a few weeks.  I will be returning to Kennewick for one more meeting in the next week or so for the newest missionaries, so I will have a bit more time with President and Sister Ware. They sure are amazing, and I will surely miss them so much!

That's all for now, but here are Sister Wortley and I on our last Sonic P-day Run before she heads out :(

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