Monday, June 22, 2015

Summer's Coming...

Howdy Ya'll!

This week has been amazing!  I received Hermana Alcocer on Wednesday night, and we returned to our house to help her unpack.  We had plans to go to a meeting in Kennewick the next day, but we received some late news that it was canceled for the second transfer I've been asked to attend.  Merp, not too fun, but it's been a blast teaching a ton of lessons with Hermana Alcocer.  She is from Redlands, California and she's native Spanish. She and I fit like puzzle pieces, we have already grown some strong testimonies of why we are both put together this transfer. 

We had an awesome lesson with Miguel this past week on Friday, and he seems to be struggling with believing the whole Restoration.  We have plans to bring a member to teach him this week and get him on date to be baptized.  We are extremely excited!  We have Wendy on date for July 3rd, and she is amazing!  She's 15 years old and she has down-syndrome.  She and her family, (she has a less active mother and 2 sisters) moved here a few years ago from El Salvador. (Salvadorian spanish is FAST)  We've received special permission from our mission president to teach her and help her become baptized.  She and her family are excited to see her grow more in the church.  She has taken a little longer to understand the gospel, but she has great faith to become baptized.  We've taught two lessons and we have a member present lesson with her on Wednesday.  Not every person with a syndrome has to become baptized unless they have a desire to.  She is very excited each time we come over, she's sure been a light to us for the past few weeks!  We are looking for more members to come out with us.  That's been a struggle lately, but we sure are excited to find more people.

Another great blessing that has come since transfers is that we have four new investigators, two in Orondo about 45 minutes away. and two here in East Wenatchee.  Angelita and Elizabeth in Orondo are very curious and we left them English and Spanish Book of Mormons the first time we visited them a few weeks ago, and we had a sweet lesson with them on Saturday night.  We've set up return appointments to visit Carmina and Juan who are both also interested.  Juan's interested in the Plan of Salvation, and Carmina is interested in prophets.  We are extremely excited and have set some sweet new goals for this week!  We even found old progress records while cleaning and we've planned to visit some of them.
That's all for now, Gotta go shopping!  Love you all and hope you have a great week!

OH!  Other great news, I have a new Sister-In-Law! :)
Congrats to my brother Brady and Lindsay on getting married this past weekend!

Members gave us a watermelon this past week!

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