Monday, June 8, 2015

High Low, High Low Weather....

Zone Sistas

This week has been hard, but soooo worth it.  We had a combined Zone P-day this past Monday, which was a blast!  Scatter ball and Chair soccer for dayzzz!  We then had our last District meeting of this transfer, with Elder Hacking in our District, who will be heading home next week, and who is one outstanding missionary.  My trainer and companion, Hermana Wortley, and Elder Gleed, one of our zone leaders, may also be leaving.  It was quite a district meeting, our district is so wonderful.  I love them all lots!

We also have been helping our less active Veronica come back to church and get into better habits. We helped her start making tamales this past week, and she's started selling them. We've spread word to our ward to help her out! 

Our biggest blessing this week was yesterday - our mission wide fast for our less actives and investigators.  We had our newest investigator Miguel, attend church, just for sacrament meeting.  He's a former investigator, so it wasn't too new for him, but he loved it.  We also had 3 less actives attend church as well!  What a MIRACLE!   Two stayed for sacrament, one was late to Sunday School, but enjoyed every minute of it, and also brought his two sons, who absolutely LOVE primary!  And I was also able to bear my testimony to our wonderful ward.  We not only see miracles in our investigators, but with our wonderful ward family.  We have such opportunities to help serve and eat meals with our ward.  They have such great strength!

Hermana Wortley was teaching Concepcion, an older Hispanic woman before I came out, and she left for Mexico when she and her past companion were teaching her.  We recently called her to see if she had returned, and she is in CA for this week, but she will be home on Thursday, and we set up an appointment with her!  It was an amazing week and experience to hear that. 

As you can tell from the title, this week has been extremely hot too early.  Yesterday was not only fast Sunday, but it was up to 104... I don't know how I was able to live through that heat AND fasting...  It was a miracle for both Hermana Wortley and I!  We finished off our fast Sunday with a wonderful member dinner and downed about 5 glasses of ice water.  Such a worthwhile week!

Love you all, have a fabulous week!

Our awkward, sweet, amazing district

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