Monday, February 8, 2016

Yakima's warming up, so is my time...

Hi Everyone!

I don't have too much to share today, so forgive me for my short email...
This past week has been busy, and also long. 
This past week, I've grown to love the scriptures more.
This past week, I've learned to lean on my Savior more.
This past week, I've TRULY learned to love despite differences.
This past week, I've learned to be patient.
Missionary work, is not easy.. but it's worth it. 
Learning to live with differences is a task, but if you learn to love, you don't reside on those things.
Missionary work has taught me these things..

Joseph Smith was truly a young boy, and desired EVERYTHING out of his own heart and will and of Heavenly Fathers. We should be doing so as well, as often as possible. Relying on Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father just as much as Joseph Smith did ever since his first vision.

Trusting in the Lord takes our own faith and action. Our future is as bright as our faith!

Loving everyone is the BEST way to show them how Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father love them. If you learn to serve out of love, and of desires to make other happy, you have exactly what you need to be a representative of Jesus Christ.

I have learned much more, but unfortunately I am out of time....
I have yet to learn so much more and I've been out for a year as of this week! 

I love being a missionary!

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