Monday, February 22, 2016

Anyone want some.. WHITE SALMON?

Hi everyone! This week has been busy and a good one!

Transfers are on Wednesday, and we did not expect what is going to happen! Hermana Aldrich and I are going to be doubled out (we are both leaving the area) and two other Spanish sisters will be doubled into our area. Hermana Aldrich will be serving in the other Spanish branch in Yakima, which is the Moxee Branch. I will be transferred to the partially new area of our mission, the Dalles Oregon specifically White Salmon/Stevenson, and I'll be serving with a sister who came into the field with Hermana Aldrich. I've heard a lot of good things about this area, and it's sparking some flames of work. I had thought about how I could possibly serve there one day on my mission, and apparently it's time for me to head down there!  

We are pretty sad to leave behind the Ochoa Paredes family, but we know the new other sisters will take care of them.  As for their baptism, It did not happen. Things came up in the baptism interview with Delia that will need to be addressed to someone else.. They have good desires, just need to work on the some things together before any kind of baptism planning. We are sad to see them make some choices, and it's a bit heartbreaking. But I know one of the new sisters coming to our area, and I know she will take good care of them. Both Hermana Aldrich and I will be returning for their baptism, when it happens. 

We got a sweet referral this past week for the brother-in-law of a member, who was baptized in another area in the mission which I can't spell to save my life, but they are amazing.  Both her boyfriend and his brother are excited to come to church, and they've come to church multiple times before, just not to our branch.  We have set a date with them for March 19th!  They made sure that we said we could come back so we could see them both get baptized, and they are a super sweet family!

Overall, I've been thinking a lot lately about the things I've been learning since being in the heart area of my mission, and I know I've talked about it a lot lately in my emails, I'm sorry if that's a bit boring... Haha!  But I've truly learned a lot, time has flown by that I've been here in Yakima, that literally I haven't written in my journal since I got here... So, I will be doing a lot of journal writing before I get there, so it's gonna be a busy, tiring week! Haha, I am really excited to start fresh... nothing bad happened in my experience in Yakima, I'm just looking forward to starting in a new area.  I'm going to miss the branch and our investigators so much, but it's time for a new start! 

Buena Suerte con todo, y les quiero muchisimo!

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