Monday, February 1, 2016

Miracles, and pure divinity!

Hi everyone!

This past week went super fast, and was super great!

This past Sunday, Francisco and Deliah were at church again, as they have been for the past month, which we are super proud of them for.  But finding the time to teach them together has been hard, and we haven't had much success in that category for quite a while!  We have been given a new second counselor in the Branch, Hermano Esteves, who's a convert of only a year!  He and his wife are AMAZING!  We asked him if they could join us to teach Francisco and Deliah, and without a pause or a thought he said yes!  We sent them the address, and started to go about the rest of our day.  When we arrived, the Esteves weren't there yet.  So we went in anyway, and they showed up not too longer later. 

We were reading in Mosiah 18 about how so many people were baptized, and what was required of them, including gathering together for church every week. We read verse 10, which says...

"...What have you against being baptized?..." 

We've tried to set a date for quite a while with them, and it just hasn't gotten anywhere.  Finally, for this lesson, we included Chessy as much as possible, asking her how she felt about baptism, etc.  She expressed how she has been hopeful that her parents would get baptized, and we were able to testify after, that Heavenly Father wants this for them, and for them to live as a family for time and eternity...  After that, the spirit just hit us all... Hermana Esteves, Hermana A. and I, and Chessy were all in tears, and waiting for Francisco and Deliah to say something, they made some small comments, like "Si Dios quiere!" (If God wants) and we finally pushed out our guts, and invited them to be baptized the 20th of February. They said YES!

I have also seen the blessing of understanding the Book of Mormon even more every day I read it. I just finished it for the second time! I am so excited to start again, I've found so much strength from reading the scriptures, and from consecrating my time in the Lord's Field.


I have truly learned a lesson lately about letting Heavenly Father take control of the things I cannot control, and of completely and utterly trusting in him, because after the past few weeks I've truly learned to lean on Heavenly Father for EVERYTHING.

Lean on him for every trial you are given, 
every burden you are carrying,
every roadblock you face,
turn to him for all things, for He knows best!

Moroni 7:33
And Christ hath said: If ye will have faith in me ye shall have power to do whatsoever thing is expedient in me."

Make the choice TODAY to lean on Heavenly Father in your daily encounters and you will feel more of his love at the end of the day when you kneel in prayer to give him your account of the day, you will feel more of His guidance, do not ever doubt it. 

Love you all, have a good week!

Sorry I can't send pictures today, mission office computers aren't working too well today. 

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