Monday, May 18, 2015

The Candle of the Lord

Hello everyone!

I don't have much time again this week, but our biggest tender mercy story this week begins!

We have been in contact with a less active family that has some of the cutest kids ever.  The 8 year old, Julissa, has such a love for church!  She is quite the girl!  She was the only person in her family who attended church this past Sunday out of her whole family, and we had great plans for them to get them active and help Julissa get baptized.  We had planned to talk to her Mom, Maria, about permitting her to be baptized, and as we walked into the house, they kept expressing their thanks for us, and then told us they are moving to San Francisco...  It was so devastating to hear they are moving!  But we know moving will give them a new chance to start over, and for her mom Maria to find more work.  Her mom also announced that they will not be letting Julissa get baptized until she is older and can make the decision for herself.  She is very sweet, and she deserves the support, and as a result she is getting that support she needs.  Maria has been in the ditch lately and we are going to be give her a printed talk today to help her boost her confidence and mood.  We found a perfect one from General Conference that we are hoping will help her.

Tender Mercy part... The same day they told us they were moving, we found 3 new investigators about 20 minutes away in Rock Island that we have lessons with this Friday.  We are feeling so blessed.  Hermana Wortley and I continue to grow closer every day.  I am so blessed to have her as my companion.  

I also found a talk I have been loving, and to close my weekly update I will include the title and General Authority.

The Candle of the Lord by Elder Boyd K. Packer

Have a wonderful week!
Guys!  We are pro mouse catchers! 

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