Monday, May 25, 2015

3 months, but no time!

All is well.  Everything is getting better, hotter, busier, and more fun!

This week is our trip to the temple!  This is extra special for me because the mission split is July 1st.  Next transfer will determine where we will go for which mission.  I feel that I will most likely stay in the Yakima mission because there is more Spanish work to be done here.  The only problem is that there is no temple within the Yakima Mission (soon to be) Boundaries.  If I stay in the Yakima mission, I won't be visiting the temple at all for the rest of my mission.  Anything could happen though!  So after this next transfer, if I am put in Yakima, I will not have temple trips at all.  I won't be able to attend the temple until I return home.  I look forward to going to a session with my wonderful Zone, and more importantly, not being the only sister companionship!  Ha ha!  We only have two sister companionships in our zone, so I am excited to go to the temple with the other sisters!  We have plans to go to a Deseret Book in Far West, which is out in Richland before we leave to come home.  We will wake up at 5 in the morning, leave at 6:30, attend a session at 9, shopping and lunch after, and then return home.  I am so excited to go!  This will be the 4th temple I have attended since I received my endowments! (Brigham City, Logan, Mexico City, Richland)

We have tried some new finding methods, which include chalking pictures of the Plan of Salvation,, etc. We also have started 'garbage tracting', which is picking up garbage as we talk to people.  Multi-tasking!  It is especially needed in the trailer parks, in which we met someone who came out and gave us water bottles! She was so sweet!  She thanked us for cleaning up her neighborhood. 

We also have had more members come to lessons with us, which has been a blast!  We have been talking with an older couple who are interested in learning how to read, and we plan on inviting them to take the Daily Dose classes, which are Spanish classes from members in the Spanish ward, who speak English as well. 

The work is slowly progressing!

Love you all! have a safe and awesome week!

My planner for this transfer: the Ukraine Temple

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