Wednesday, February 11, 2015

And... She's Off!

This morning Sarah left the Salt Lake City airport at 9:50 am bound for Mexico City.  As we left Providence for the airport it was dark.  The sun coming up was a welcome sight today.  I was so happy it was not raining or dreary.

We saw several other missionaries with name tags being dropped off presumably to go home or to their designated missions from the Provo MTC.  It was quite a sight!

Her farewell talk went very well on Sunday.  We had several of her friends and our friends and a handful of relatives stop by for some lunch and treats.

And now she is gone.  The house is very quiet and still.  We will miss her terribly.

But it is good to give back.  I think a sacrifice is not a sacrifice unless there is some pain somewhere.   We have been blessed so tremendously as a family, and it is good to give something back.  Sacrifice is a funny thing, though.  Just when you think you are in some small measure sacrificing something for the benefit of others - to the point of pain, the Lord steps in and blesses you with more.  And then you are even more in His debt.  This was very much the case when her brothers each served the Lord on full time missions.  I suspect that is what will happen again.  In the meantime, my selfish heart aches.  To the point of pain.

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