Monday, March 14, 2016

Stepping into my Mom's Shoes

Hi everyone! 

This past week was a blast! We had a lot happen, a lot of good stuff happen.  We had a lesson with Debby at the Family History Center here in Hood River, across the river and border of WA. (This is also where we email every week) She LOVED the family history center, she loved the fact she found her grandparents, and she's currently working on finding more names and birth dates and birthplaces. She is GLOWING!  I love being around her, she's so full of energy and always looking for something more to do on family history work. She said she's going to try to come to church next week! 

Trevor is doing AWESOME! He's fully recovered, found a new truck, and is currently also swamped with homework and scholarships up to his neck.. He is doing well, and he's still reading in the Book of Mormon.  We are not currently talking about a date with him, but we will in the near future.  His first priority right now is school, so he can finish strong.  Which is understandable... kind of.  We had plans to meet his parents on Saturday night before a meeting we had in Hood River.  He lives about 45 minutes away from our house, and we canceled our plans with him, until he called us from his house phone.. "Can you guys still come? My parents want to meet you still."  He got a speeding ticket a while ago, and he hasn't been on the same page as his parents, but he said it would still be okay!  We got ready in 5 minutes and left... This felt so weird, because Trevor is like a little brother to us, and we were running around crazy trying to look nice as if we were meeting our new parents... Haha, it was an adventure, but it also was raining...  As we met Trevor's parents, I fell into my Mom's shoes... My Mom is a convert, as most of you know from my high talk of my sweet amazing Mom. Meeting Trevor's parents made me remember of the stories my Mom has of taking the missionary discussions. Trevor's parents LOVE him, they are very set in their religious ways, and aren't interested in changing their own perspectives of the Gospel, but they are very happy to see him make this decision.  His baptism probably won't be until after his high school graduation, but he WILL be baptized!

We went up to Klicitat, which is about 45 minutes away from our house, and we did some visits to a lot of less actives and in-actives who live there, and they are all amazing. They are super sweet, and strong in the gospel, but aren't willing to drive the 45 minutes to an hour to go to church every week.  They all look forward to our visits this week again!  We're going to have a lot more opportunities to do service, and share the gospel with a part member family who need some help around their Bed & Breakfast. We are super excited. I don't have super exciting pictures, except for one...

I played with a tame wolf a few weeks ago and never sent this picture home, it's pretty sweet. Loki is a pure bread wolf, just extremely tame, he's pretty cute. :)

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