Monday, October 19, 2015

Fresh, New, Transfer!

Hi Ya'll!

All is well! This past week was a bit of a struggle, but it should be picking up soon. 

We recently got transfer calls! Drum Roll Please....
I have been called to train a new missionary! I can't even grasp this... It feels like just yesterday I was a greenie in Wenatchee with Sister Wortley before she got sent to the Kennewick Mission!  I don't know who my new companion is until Wednesday at our Transfer meeting in Yakima.  Hermana Taua will be going to Moxee where our nearest Walmart is, and she'll still be in the zone, which will be pretty cool!  We also will be having our own car again, The Elders will be one of the lucky companionships in the mission to have a new car, due to the shortage of miles for the mission and turning our mission into a Biking mission, and no... I haven't been biking so far on my mission, I'm hoping I won't for a while... Haha!

I am so extremely excited to train, She will be my first Hija on my mission!  So if any of you have any advice for me, *hint hint, friends on missions!* feel free to send any kind of advice :)  We should have some miracles coming our way as well, which I should just dive into...

Remember the Ibarra family in the branch? They are WONDERFUL!  They have 8 kids total, but the 4 oldest are their blood related kids.  The younger 4 are adopted as I've explained before. They are all under their real parents consent to be baptized in the church, and until that permission is granted, they are not members. The oldest of the adopted kids is Molly, who is one of the sweet young women in the branch. She has wanted to take the lessons with us ever since she talked about getting baptized with Sister and Brother Ibarra, and now that she will be turning 18 this coming December, we will be able to start her on lessons now that she is accountable without her parents consent.  We are starting TONIGHT on her lessons and counting her as an investigator!  We are extremely excited to help her get baptized :)

We also had a sweet lesson with Tana Johnson and Burt, her neighbor who was our miracle this past week. Unfortunately her mother was working, but we were able to get on the same page as Burt that night. Burt asked us some GREAT questions...

"Sisters, have you ever felt like there's something that's been pulling you to do something?  Have you ever felt so comfortable in a place you wouldn't expect?" 
"Yeah, Burt! definitely! The Holy Ghost does that for us, it tells us and helps us make good decisions if we listen close enough."
"Because I still don't know why I moved up here in the first place from Oregon, even just starting work with Tana and Wayne her husband. But as of right now, I know it was a good decision. I feel so at home, it feels like I've been gone for a long time, and I'm finally feeling good again after so many years."

WHAT?! We never expected this out of him, he didn't seem to be paying much attention to what we were talking about until we heard him ask questions!  He's even talked about having dreams of people lined up in front of him, calling his name.  He doesn't know who any of them are, but they keep calling to him.  After he explained it more, we explained that it may be his family, who he doesn't know about.  He doesn't know anything about his ancestors, IMMEDIATELY we thought back to how Sister Lewis, our Mission President's wife gave a training on helping investigators find out where their family came from.  Burt, It's your family! I t was so spiritual, and as we talked more about family history and the Book of Mormon we got the warm feelings from the spirit.  It was so neat to talk to him about what his experience has been so far with having us teach him. He's definitely ready!

We also had Stake Conference this past week, which was talking a lot about preparing ourselves to go to the temple, and having our kids and families have that mindset of going to the temple one day. 

All in all, it was a pretty good week, and it should be even better this week. We'll be going to a Trainer/Trainee meeting at the mission home in Yakima on Friday, and I haven't seen the mission home yet, all I know is that it's beautiful and we should be going more often for small meetings like this. Along with me training, we will have 2 other sisters in our Zone training, and even my good MTC companion, Hermana Harston, will be training. She will unfortunately be leaving our zone, but she'll be getting doubled into an old Elder's area in Ellensburg. We are so excited to see these changes! 

Anyway, that's all for now! I love you all, I hope all is well!
Hasta Proximo Vez!

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